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PEAKS Pride is a 501(c) 3 Organization - Offering Volunteer Community Services to the Oak Harbor / Whidbey Island, Washington State AND Flagstaff, Arizona areas. PEAKS stands for: Promoting Equality through Acts of Kindness and Service (with Pride and Dignity!) Currently we are incorporated in the State of Arizona as a non-profit organization. PEAKS Pride, Inc. is also licensed in the State of Washington as of February 2021. Although we are not affiliated with any other Washington or Arizona non-profit, it is our boards desire to work and collaborate with as many non-profit organizations here on Whidbey Island as we can.

Some of the non-profits we have helped and projects we have or continue to work on are Second Chance Center for Animals - where we held a garage/yard sale and raised over $2,500 for them. Annually, we take part in the Annual Summer Food Drive for the Northern Arizona Food Bank - where, to date, we have collected over 3000 pounds of food. Three times a year we clean our Adopt-an-Avenue roadways in Flagstaff. We have adopted a portion of the Museum of Northern Arizona's Colton Garden to procure for the senior's at the Peaks Senior Living Community; as well as helped install handicap parking near the garden.

These are just a few of the projects that we have embarked on in the past years. All of them have been completed by our volunteers that take great pride in all that is accomplished with each donated hour of time. Please consider signing up to be a volunteer today! Click on the Volunteer/Contact Us button on the left today. We need your help, to help those less fortunate!

Mission Statement:

The MISSION of PEAKS Pride is to provide dedicated volunteers for service projects to the Whidbey Island communities, and its residents, thus Promoting Equality through Acts of Kindness and Service.

Vision Statement:

PEAKS Pride's Vision is to seek and attain volunteers; to gain public awareness of our organization and the services provided by us.

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For more information, please contact info@peakspride.org